The AAWDC is an umbrella association for 4x4 clubs and related businesses in Southern Africa. The prime purpose of the AAWDC is to represent and co-ordinate issues of common interest and mutual benefit to its members and to its industry. This includes:
  • Negotiations with government, regional and conservation bodies to ensure that its members continue to enjoy the controlled use of their off road vehicles in sensitive nature conservation areas.
  • The development and promotion of standards in the areas of Driver Training and Overland Travel using well developed manuals.
  • The promotion of interclub relations by organising driving and environmental events for all clubs to participate in.
  • To grow the AAWDC membership base that enables the AAWDC to speak and negotiate with authority on behalf of its members and the industry.
The purpose of the AAWDC website is to:
  • Promote the AAWDC as a representative body.
  • To inform member clubs of the activities of the AAWDC and how they can be part of and/or benefit from it.
  • Give exposure to 4x4 clubs and businesses associated with this industry.
We urge all four-wheel drive owners to join a club that is affiliated to the AAWDC. The benefits of being part of this 4x4 family together with the responsible use of our 4x4 vehicles will ensure access to a sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy.

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